The benefits of attending a Chinese enrichment class or receiving Chinese tuition early

Encouraging early language acquisition in children can have a significant positive impact on their cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Research has shown that children who learn a Mother Tongue language demonstrate improved memory retention and critical thinking skills, setting them up for future success.

Researching different Chinese enrichment classes and Chinese tuition centres

There are a few things to consider when comparing various Chinese enrichment classes and tuition providers for your child.

Real-world applications

At Durian Academy, we pride ourselves on providing real-world applications of classroom learning, and our testimonials from satisfied students and parents attest to the effectiveness of our approach. While many students may excel at writing Chinese characters, they may struggle to understand how to use the language in everyday life situations.

Our emphasis on practical use of the language through experiential learning strategies and practical exercises has helped our students confidently apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios..

Class Size

Take into account the class size. Smaller classes can provide benefits such as individualised instruction and a more comfortable environment for students to participate in class.


It is crucial to evaluate the costs of various centres and account for supplementary expenses like materials or registration fees. Pricing varies depending on the centre, with some charging by the hour, while others have a flat fee for a certain number of classes.

Class Schedule & Location

It is also important to consider the class schedule and location. Different schedules may be available for specific age groups, and some centres may have multiple branches for convenience.

Importance of trying out a class

Having to participate in a trial class can firstly give you an idea of the centre’s teaching philosophy and techniques. You will have the chance to observe the classroom setting, watch the teacher interact with the students, and learn more about the course materials and curriculum. This is particularly crucial if you are choosing between schools with various teaching philosophies.

Secondly, it helps you determine if the centre is a good fit for your child. Every child has a unique personality and learning preferences, what suits one child may not suit another. You can observe how your child responds to the teaching strategies employed at the centre and determine whether they feel comfortable and motivated in the classroom.

Ace your Chinese examinations with Durian Academy

At Durian Academy, we are committed to providing an enriching and supportive learning environment for our students to improve their Chinese language proficiency. Our engaging and interactive courses utilise experiential learning strategies and practical exercises to immerse students in the language. Our team comprises experienced former school teachers who are not only knowledgeable about Chinese language and culture but also dedicated to the growth of each student. We also understand that every student has unique needs and abilities, and our teachers are willing to allocate additional time and resources to guide students who require extra help, including staying back after class.

Even though learning a new language can be challenging, we are confident that you can succeed with the aid of our experienced teachers and our engaging teaching methods. Enrol in a class with Durian Academy today to take the first step towards learning Chinese!