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is experienced in teaching and able to manage kids well. They know how to get the children’s attention with their superb proven methods too. The class is never boring and my both children P3&4 always looking forward to the tuition. I would no doubt recommend to other parents as well.


Ms Peh had been my Math teacher since I was in Secondary 2 all the way to O levels. I remember scoring an impressive 27/30 for my first test right after Ms Peh started teaching me in Secondary 2. My grades went from low Bs and Cs in Secondary 1 to consistently getting high A1s throughout my entire Upper Secondary journey, finishing my O levels with an A1 for both E and A Maths. Her patience, determination and passion when she taught me helped me to transition easily from E math to A math. Her lessons and the amount of work she gives are not extremely rigorous yet very effective which helped me enjoy and excel in this subject.

Cho Seung Min

My child enjoys Teacher Averil classes very much as it’s conducted in such a fun & engaging way. Teacher Averil is a true gem that the education industry needs more of!

Nicole Low

Ms Peh is a very approachable, friendly and encouraging teacher. Throughout my education journey in secondary school, she was the first math teacher that managed to change my perception that mathematics is a boring and tedious subject but rather help me appreciate the interesting side of this subject.

Her teaching method is easy to digest and understand, especially with the help of all the cheat sheets and notes that she gives.

I vividly remember not only her passion for teaching, but also her dedication to her students. She was always going the extra mile, forking out time to answer all the last minute questions we had before any exams, as well as giving us reminders to not make any common careless mistakes.

Even at times when I did not perform well in an exam, she always wrote words of encouragement on my test paper, spurring me on to do better.

She played a big part in helping achieve A1 and A2 in E-math and A-math respectively.

Amelia Sung Jia Ning

I love learning languages, but my kids… not so much. My son started at a local school in p2. Mandarin was really tough for him. The usual thing is to trot them off to tuition but this wasn’t for us as we were still starting from behind! When I learned his curriculum with Teacher Averil, I could help him from the safety and security of home. It has been great. He is finally open to learning and enjoying Chinese because he gets things explained to him in a safe environment. I can help him with homework because I know what the whole unit is about, what the key learning is for the unit, and what to concentrate on. I would recommend this class.

Natalie Young

Ms Peh was my math teacher in Upper Secondary. Her classes were always enjoyable, sharing with us interesting tidbits and tricks in math. Her strong passion for math was very evident when she taught us, making math very easy to understand and fun. She is also a very helpful and caring teacher, who always took her time for all of us whenever we needed help. The many consultations with her helped me to solidify my understanding of math concepts and clear my doubts! All her help and interesting math lessons has no doubt helped me to excel in math, allowing me to score A1 for both E and A math for my O levels.

Lakshmi Surya

My kiddos have been taking lessons for a couple of years already and have consistently improved with their Chinese! Teacher Averil Recommended!

Rommel Marquez

Ms Peh is a fun and supportive math teacher as well as a friend.She is always willing to go the extra mile to help me with my math questions and try to understand what went wrong in my workings. She also finds time to work out and provide me with multiple solutions to a question so that I can tackle similar questions faster and better next time. Ms Peh’s lessons are also very easy to understand as she always tries to explain in a way the students will understand and remember better. With Ms Peh’s help, I am able to do well in my examinations, scoring A1 for both E math and A math for O levels!

Lim Shin Ting

Teacher Averil has been my daughter’s tutor for more than a year. She’s focused & very engaging. We are a non-chinese speaking family. My daughter was afraid to go to school because of Chinese class. Teacher Averil has helped my daughter to gain confidence and to like to learn Chinese language. Now my daughter can understand some of the words when spoken to in Chinese compared to zero from when she started.

Laurence Sy

Ms Peh believed that I can improve. She helped me catch up with the math topics that I was not good at. She tries to clear my doubts in math to the best of her ability.


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